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Welcome to AgeBright Market; Age In Place via Senior Tech

What We Know

Seniors Want to Stay At Home

Recent census data has 80% of older adults living in their own homes.  In most cases this is a preferential decision.  Age in Place is a choice.

Cascading Issues Often Force Seniors To Leave Their Homes

Seniors are remarkably resilient. Rarely does a single challenge deter living plans.  Typically one challenge, when not addressed, leads to additional issues.  The combination of issues is often the catalyst for an undesired change in living plans.

Technology Can Help, But Is Infrequently Used By Seniors

Technology is not only for the young. There are scores of smart home products that exist today that can be used by seniors to enhance their lives as they age.  These solutions can help ensure that one challenge doesn't develop into other issues.

Solution Approach

Solutions Not Products

Technology Companies are great at creating products.  Products aren't always solutions.  Seniors needs solutions and we focus on proving solutions, not just products.

Solutions Can Be Hard to Find

Smart Home technology is changing fast.  Often too fast for most people to keep up.  We strive to be a reliable guide to relevent solutions within the ever changing home technology space.  

Types of Solutions

Fall Detection, Safety and Security, Home Leak Detections, Valuables Tracking, Communication and Socialization, Daily Activity monitoring, Voice Activation Options for Emergency Response and Home System Management, Life Function Aids for those with Limited Mobility, Wander Management, Healthcare monitoring and Medication Reminders 

How it works

Ask Questions and Listen

Our assessment process allows us to understand the unique needs of our clients ensuring that aging challenges don't cascade.  

Provide Options

We bring a range of potential solutions and allow the client to select the option that fits their needs and budget.  We can do this because we are constantly staying current with smart home technologies and advances.

Solution Install and Setup

Finding the right technology is only the first step.  Getting it to work for you is equally critical.  We have many approaches to ensure that the products we recommend actually work for you.

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